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NanoFuse Research

Featured Study

Nanofuse Unique Combination of Synthetic Bioactive Glass plus DBM in Cervical Spine Fusion  

Kingsley R. Chin^, Erik Spayde, William M. Costigan, Vito Lore, Chukwunonso Ilogu , Jason A Seale

Our study demonstrated 100% fusion rate.  VAS neck and NDI outcomes improved by 89% and 68% respectively with the use of combination biologic. Signs of fusion were seen as early as 6 weeks with anterior bridging bone

NanoFuse Studies

Osteoconductivity and osteoinductivity of NanoFUSE(®) DBM

James F. Kirk*, Gregg Ritter, Chad Waters, Sonoko Narisawa, José Luis Millán, and James D. Talton

NanoFuse DBM showing superior bone growth results over DBM alone

Radiographic, Histologic and Mechanical Comparison of NanoFUSE® DBM and a Bioactive Glass in a Rabbit Spinal Fusion Model

James F. Kirk, Gregg Ritter, Michael J. Larson, Robert C. Waters, Isaac finger, John Waters, John H. Abernethy, Dhyana Sankar, James D. Talton, Ronald R. Cobb

Fusion for NanoFuse alone was 61% while no fusion observed in the sham or NovaBone Putty groups at 24 weeks

Bioactive glass in tissue engineering

Mohamed N. Rahamana,*, Delbert E. Daya, B. Sonny Balb, Qiang Fuc, Steven B. Junga,d, Lynda F. Bonewalde, Antoni P. Tomsia

Bioactive glass has also been shown to enhance neocartilage formation during in vitro culture of chondrocyte-seeded hydrogels, and to serve as a subchondral substrate for tissue-engineered osteochondral constructs

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