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Our Story

Founders' Journey From Humble Beginnings to Global Healthcare Pioneers

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Dr. Kingsley R. Chin MD MBA

Founder | Chairman | CEO
Board-certified Orthopedic Spine Surgeon
Managing Partner

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Aditya Humad

Co-Founder | President | CFO
Managing Partner

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Combined Leadership Transforming Outpatient Spine Surgery Technologies Globally

Revolutionizing Spine Health: The Vision of KIC Ventures

The partnership between Dr. Kingsley R. Chin and Aditya Humad led to the creation of KIC and its health technology holding company, KIC Ventures. Their mission is to reduce costs and risks while ensuring superior outcomes for spine patients worldwide. Guided by the values of Knowledge, Innovation, and Customer focus, they are dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare through continuous innovation.

Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

KIC Ventures' dedication is evident in their portfolio companies serving orthopedic spine surgeons, neurosurgeons, and interventional pain management physicians. Since 2021, they have achieved double-digit revenue growth and positive EBITDA year over year in their NANISX company, a leader in Less Exposure Advanced Spine Technologies (LEAST) for interventional spine surgery in outpatient centers.

Innovative Solutions in Spine Surgery

In 2018, KIC Ventures acquired NanoFuse Biologics, a unique product with FDA approval, combining DBM and synthetic bioactive glass. Their 2014 acquisition of AxioMed, known for its viscoelastic disc replacement technology, further underscores their commitment to advancing healthcare solutions.

Join the Journey

We invite investors, physicians, and patients to engage with the inspiring story of KIC Ventures. From humble beginnings, this journey holds the promise of significant global impact. This is an opportunity to be part of a transformative force in the global healthcare landscape.

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