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Discover Recurring Growth and Impact Investments in Healthcare Technologies with Us: Creating Enduring Company Ownership You Can Pass On

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At KIC Ventures, our investment philosophy emphasizes the critical sequence of Team, Technology, and Traction. We focus first on assembling the right team and maintaining fiscal discipline, guiding our technology investments through the prudent reinvestment of portfolio revenues.


Investment Model

Our enduring success is rooted in a strategic approach that combines the astute deployment of founder capital with the valuable partnerships we forge with private investors, including many physicians and patients. This collaborative investment model amplifies our financial reach and integrates 360° diverse insights, enriching our portfolio with a well-rounded perspective

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Track Record

Our Visionary Founders Since 2000, Have Been Investing and Leading the Future of Outpatient Spine Surgery Technologies. When You Join Us, Together We Will Build Upon A Legacy That Has Been Transforming Spine Surgery Since We Sold The MANTIS Percutaneous Pedicle Screw System to Stryker (Fortune 500 Company) For A 100x Return On Investment.

Back Pain Treatment

The Problem

The current market for low back pain (LBP) management presents a robust investment opportunity, fueled by a rising global prevalence due to the aging population. With LBP affecting approximately 619 million individuals in 2020 and projected to rise to 843 million by 2050, the demand for effective surgical interventions is escalating. US insurance coverage from leading providers grants access to over 150 million people for these therapies, highlighting a significant market potential. A milestone is to treat at least 0.1% (150,000) of the annual global market.

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The Market

Analysts project substantial growth in sales of spinal surgery implants, instruments, pharmaceuticals, and novel treatments for chronic back pain, indicating a significant market opportunity to address the $250 billion annual economic cost of chronic back pain, aligning returns with societal impact. 1.The Market: The market for minimally invasive spine surgery is large and growing. 2.The Environment: A fundamental transition from inpatient to outpatient surgery is underway. 3.The Future: Motion and disc replacement are becoming increasingly favored over fixation and fusion.

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KIC Ventures partnered with the IRA-Club making it easier for you to invest Tax-Free from your retirement.

Business Meeting
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Own the Future of Spine Surgery: Invest Confidently in KIC Ventures' to Amplify your Investment Portfolio

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Seize the opportunity to become an early investor in KIC Ventures' Series A funding round, aiming to raise $15 million. Our objective is to support the sustained double-digit growth of our NANISX outpatient portfolio and to introduce the eagerly awaited AxioMed viscoelastic disc replacements to the market.

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KIC Ventures partnered with the IRA-Club making it easier for you to invest Tax-Free from your retirement.

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Medical Officer

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