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Founding Story

Welcome to the story of KIC Ventures, a journey of vision, innovation, and impact in the healthcare technology sector. Our story began with a dream during my orthopedic residency at Harvard Medical School. This dream was to revolutionize medical technology, and it has guided us from the very start, leading to the establishment of KIC Ventures and beyond.

The journey took its first concrete step in 2000 with the filing of an initial patent, followed by the development of the groundbreaking MANTIS percutaneous pedicle screw system in 2004. The incorporation of KIC as a Series LLC and the acquisition of MANTIS by Stryker in 2005 marked significant milestones, showcasing the potential of our innovations.

As we progressed, KIC Ventures was formally incorporated in 2013, marking a new phase of growth. The acquisition of Axiomed in 2014 added revolutionary disc replacement technology to our portfolio, reaffirming our commitment to improving patient outcomes. Today, we are proud to be recognized for our continuous innovation, excellence in customer service, and as a trusted name in the industry.

Together, we have reached remarkable milestones, including generating over $300 million in revenue and achieving a 400% increase in equity value for early investors in Axiomed. Our current equity value, estimated at over $3 billion, speaks volumes about our future potential.

The acquisition of Axiomed LLC and NanoFuse Biologics LLC, along with the introduction of NANISX in 2022, underscores our ongoing efforts to transform healthcare. NANISX, with its focus on outpatient spine surgery, has seen impressive growth of over 40% with positive EBITDA. Our commitment to innovation continues with plans to introduce new products in 2024 to expand our market share and traction further.

Excitingly, we are in the midst of an Open Series A round to raise $15M, with 26 investors already committed. This funding is crucial for the FDA approval and 2025 launch of the Axiomed Lumbar Disc, as well as for expanding the NANISX portfolio and revenues.

Our journey has been one of determination, innovation, and resilience. Each member of our team, along with our investors, partners, and supporters, has been integral to our success. Your belief, partnership, and support form the cornerstone of KIC Ventures’ legacy in healthcare technology.

Let’s continue to dream big, innovate, and shape a future where technology and healthcare merge in ways we've only begun to explore. Thank you for being a part of our remarkable journey. Here’s to the milestones we have yet to achieve together.

Warmest regards,

KIC Ventures

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