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CEO Letter 

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Prospective Investors,


A Bold Step for Your Investment Portfolio

Are you ready to take a bold step in growing your investment portfolio? I invite you to join me in investing in KIC Ventures, where your funds can significantly impact not only your financial future but also the future of spine surgery technology.


Our Mission and Focus Areas

Over the last twenty years, I have committed millions of my personal funds to position KIC Ventures for a valuation exceeding a billion dollars. Our mission is to revolutionize spine surgery by developing best-in-class, less exposure advanced spine technologies (LEAST) that prioritize patient safety and outcomes first. We are dedicated to advancing the philosophy of less exposure spine surgery (LESS) through our companies: interventional spine innovation (NANISX) for interventional physicians, outpatient spine innovation (LESS Spine), and our revolutionary viscoelastic total disc replacement (AxioMed) for orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons. By providing healthcare providers with the tools to reduce the poor outcomes of traditional spine surgery worldwide, we aim to enhance the well-being of patients and support surgeons in delivering better care.


Physician Challenges

As physicians, we work tirelessly to earn our living and save for retirement. However, unforeseen circumstances such as losing our medical licenses or facing lawsuits can jeopardize our financial stability. I have faced these challenges and emerged stronger, now envisioning a future where together we have the power to shape our destiny.


Why Invest in KIC Ventures?

The demand for spine surgeries is increasing, and medical device companies are generating millions and billions in revenue. Why shouldn’t we, as physicians, become the owners of the technologies we use? Why not invest our hard-earned money in the things we know best, like treating patients? Our devices are highly innovative because they are developed with direct hands-on feedback and recommendations from physicians who use them. We are unique in being a company founded by physicians with technologies developed by physician users.


Proven Growth and Future Potential

When I invested $100,000 in 2006 to start developing spine technologies, I did not foresee the potential for us to become a multibillion-dollar company. It was not about the money then, but now we see that by serving the needs of patients, we can grow into a valuable company worth billions. Today we are proudly growing NANISX profitably year over year since 2021 with positive EBITDA and eagerly draw close to releasing AxioMed's lumbar disc replacement to US surgeons in 2025.


Invest in Yourself

Are you relying on your retirement savings and paying fees to a financial wealth manager to play it safe? Have you considered investing in healthcare using your own knowledge? Which poses a higher risk: investing in yourself by investing in healthcare, or investing in companies you only hope will make you money? My answer was to invest in myself. Today my $100,000 investment has grown into a $300 million valuation at KIC Ventures, and I own over 50% of the company. What if we grow to $5 billion and you invest today? That would mean over 15 times the return on your investment.


Join Us in Revolutionizing Spine Surgery

I implore you to seriously consider KIC Ventures as an investment opportunity and become an owner of groundbreaking technologies. I am grateful to all our investors, physicians, and patients who drive us forward to revolutionize spine surgery treatments, making them smarter and LESS invasive.


Thank you for your consideration.




Professor Dr. Kingsley R Chin MBA

Harvard-Trained Board-certified Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

Founder | Chairman | Chief Executive Officer

KIC Ventures

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Professor Dr. Kingsley R. Chin MD MBA

Founder | Chairman | CEO
Harvard-Trained Board-certified Orthopedic Spine Surgeon
Managing Partner

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