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We partner with our physicians to think without limits in our ability to create technological innovations


The Demand Signal

The demand from patients for less invasive surgery continues to grow and there are no indications that this trend will slow down. Physicians who recognize and respond to this demand have the potential to benefit significantly by differentiating themselves from others in their field.

The Migration to ASC

Though still in the early innings, a generational transition from inpatient to outpatient is already well underway.

From a patient's perspective, Ambulatory Surgical Centers are often preferred due to their accessibility, shorter waiting times, and personalized care.

From a physician's viewpoint, ASC's offer more scheduling flexibility, increased efficiency, and result in higher patient satisfaction levels.

Spine surgery is among the higher-acuity specialties that many ASCs are migrating to their facilities. Integrating spine care into a multispecialty surgery center can significantly boost the growth rate of an ASC, which ultimately leads to a considerable increase in the center's resources and the ability to improve patient outcomes.

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Happy Patient

We Are Improving Patient Outcomes


Why are physicians choosing NANISX?

“He didn't want big surgeries and the other options weren't working.”

-Dr. Shane Raikar

"A Completely Different Approach"

Using the Sacrix system allowed us to navigate using a separate trajectory to stabilize and re-graft the joint without coming into contact with existing screws.

-Dr. Francis

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