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CFO Letter 

Dear Prospective Partner and Investor,

I appreciate your willingness to explore the financial landscape of KIC Ventures and consider becoming a pivotal part of our journey in revolutionizing outpatient spine surgery through innovative health technologies. As CFO, it's my privilege to open our books and share the robust financial health and promising future of our company, a testament to our commitment to empower physicians and patients with ownership of spine surgery technologies.


Reflecting on our origins, the inspiration that fueled our ambition stemmed from a rich environment of innovation. During my time at JP Morgan, mentored by forward-thinkers and pioneers in the medical devices investment sector, planted the seed that drew me to the transformative potential of our LESS™ Exposure Spine Surgery approach, techniques, and technologies for spine surgery.


With ambitions to escalate our valuation to $5 billion over the next five years, we are poised to offer our investors a potential 17x return on investment from our Series A offering, initially valued at a modest $300 million. This represents an extraordinary opportunity for significant gains on your investment.

With a minimum investment of $50K, your contribution can play a crucial role in our sustained growth and success. We have already attracted 26 investors to our Series A round, achieving 40% of our $15 million goal. This opportunity is not just limited—it's exclusive, offering you the chance to be a part of a transformative series in the making.


Thank you for considering the possibility of joining us in this exciting phase. Together, we can redefine the future of spine surgery and positively impact the lives of millions.




Aditya Humad

Co-Founder | President | Chief Financial Officer

KIC Ventures

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