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Investment Thesis

Team.  Technology.  Traction.

At KIC Ventures, our investment ethos is built upon a tripartite foundation: Team, Technology, and Traction. This approach not only enhances our existing strategy but also elevates our commitment to being at the forefront of outpatient spine surgery technology investments.

Team: Building the Right Talent

Judicious reinvestment of portfolio revenues. This practice is key to generating robust capital appreciation for our shareholders, minimizing dilution and ensuring we stay independently-owned to make nimble intelligent decisions for stable growth.

Technology: Identifying the Right Innovations

We recognize that the cornerstone of successful investments lies in identifying and nurturing groundbreaking technologies. Our focus extends beyond mere financial returns; we aim to invest in spine surgery technologies that promise to revolutionize healthcare. By staying ahead of technological advancements, we ensure our portfolio remains cutting-edge and relevant.

Traction: Growing Impact

We actively engage with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and early adopters to build traction for our investments. This strategy not only validates our technological choices but also accelerates the commercialization process. By growing our network and influence, we ensure that our investments make a tangible impact in the healthcare sector.

Sustainable Reinvestment Strategy
At the core of our strategy remains the judicious reinvestment of portfolio revenues. This practice is crucial in generating robust capital appreciation for our shareholders, ensuring stability and growth. Our commitment to sustainable reinvestment, combined with our focus on technology, team, and traction, solidifies our position as a trusted and visionary leader in the field.

Legacy of Impact
Investing with KIC Ventures means more than financial gains; it’s about being part of a legacy that shapes the future of outpatient spine surgery technology. Our approach guarantees that our impact extends beyond the financial, contributing significantly to the evolution of healthcare.

Global Market
by the Numbers

403 Mil

Patients globally with symptomatic spinal disc degeneration.


Percentage of Spinal Fusion Market expected to be substituted by disc replacement.

8 in 10

People in the U.S. that experience back pain.


US Health spending for lower back and neck pain.


US Outpatient ambulatory surgery centers (and growing).


Compound annual growth rate in the global disc replacement market.

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