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facetfuse transfacet pedicle screw 3d.jpg

Kingsley R. Chin, MD*,Marco T. Reis, MDc, Phillip M. Reyes, BSE, Anna G.U. Newcomb, MS, Anda Neagoe, BS, Josue P. Gabriel, MD, Roger D.Sung, MD, Neil R.Crawford, PhD.

These results suggest that fixation at L4–L5 with TFPS is a promising alternative to PSR, with or without TLIF.  A TLIF device was less stable than the native disc with both methods of instrumentation presumably because of a fulcrum effect from a relatively small footplate. Additional interbody support may be considered for improved biomechanics with TLIF

biomechanical tfps vs psr_edited.jpg


Kingsley R. Chin*, Anna G. U. Newcomb, Marco T. Reis, Phillip M. Reyes, Grace A. Hickam, Josue Gabriel, Fabio J.R. Pencle, Roger D. Sung, Neil R.Crawford.

Posterior fixation with transfacet pedicle screws provides equivalent immediate stability to similarly sized pedicle screws.  However, in the presence of a lateral interbody fusion device, pedicle screws seem to resist loosening more and may be a better option for fusion in the upper lumbar spine

FacetFuse Studies

facetfuse transfacet pedicle screw2.jpg

Mini-open or percutaneous bilateral lumbar transfacet pedicle screw fixation: a technical note

Kingsley R. Chin, MD,* Jason Seale, MBBS*, Vanessa Cumming ,MBBS

Transfacet pedicle screws were successfully placed in 2 patients in a stepwise technique described to achieve lumbar fusion

A Comparative Cadaveric Biomechanical Study of Bilateral FacetFuse Transfacet Pedicle Screws (TFPS) versus Unilateral or Bilateral Standard Pedicle Screws-Rod (PSR)

Bilateral FacetFuse® TFPS demonstrated superior immediate stability than unilateral PSR and was an equivalent substitute to bilateral PSR constructs at the L5-S1 native disc level

biomechanical tfps vs psr2.jpg

A Biomechanical Comparison of Facet Screw Fixation and Pedicle Screw Fixation

Lisa A.  Ferrara, MS, Jessica L. Secor, BS, Byung-ho Jin, MD, Andrew Wakefield, MD, Serkan Inceoglu, MS, Edward C. Benzel, MD

In this biomechanical study, transfacet pedicle screw fixation appears equivalent to traditional pedicle screw fixation.

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