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Erik C Spayde MD

Chief Medical Officer
KIC Ventures | Axiomed LLC

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Dr. Erik C Spayde serves as the Chief Medical Officer for KIC Ventures and Axiomed LLC, playing a pivotal role in advancing the field of spinal disc replacement technologies.  As a prominent member of KIC Ventures' Executive Council, he plays a crucial role in shaping the firm’s strategic direction and management decisions, significantly influencing its path towards success and innovation.

A distinguished board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon and Chief of Spine Surgery at Los Robles Hospital in California, Dr. Spayde brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role. His academic journey includes degrees from Stanford University and Harvard Medical School, followed by residency training at Harvard and a prestigious spine fellowship at The Spine Institute at St. John's Health under the guidance of Dr. Rick Delamarter.

Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Spayde has consistently demonstrated a commitment to innovation. He has been actively involved in the evaluation and advancement of cutting-edge technologies, such as the NuVasive lateral interbody system. His role as a clinical site for NuVasive's lateral lumbar disc replacement IDE study with the XLT disc highlighted his dedication to pushing the boundaries of spinal solutions.

Dr. Spayde's disappointment with the challenges faced by NuVasive in obtaining FDA approval for the lateral disc led him to a renewed interest in Axiomed's lateral disc concept. His belief in the potential of Axiomed's groundbreaking viscoelastic disc replacement technologies has been a driving force behind his investment of time and resources to support KIC Ventures' global mission.

In his role as Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Spayde collaborates closely with the KIC Ventures team, from engineers to sales and executive leadership, contributing significantly to the enhancement of products and instruments. His commitment to seeking partnerships for investments and distribution with major companies, leveraging his extensive network, underscores his dedication to the success of Axiomed.

Dr. Spayde's leadership has been instrumental in guiding KIC Ventures to new heights, and as the Chief Medical Officer for Axiomed, he continues to steer the company towards achieving milestones in the realm of disc replacement spine surgery technologies.

Investors can trust in Dr. Spayde's vision, experience, and unwavering commitment to transforming the landscape of spinal healthcare through innovative solutions.


  • B.S. Applied Science and Immunology, Stanford University

  • MD Doctor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

  • Residency in Orthopedic Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University

  • Spine Fellowship, The Spine Institute, St. John's Health Center

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