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KICVentures is a private healthcare investment holding company founded in 2005 by Harvard-trained, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, Professor Dr. Kingsley R. Chin, who brings over 30 years of unique experiences intersecting healthcare, business and information technology.


Our mission is to grow a portfolio of healthcare companies which we can vertically-integrate to form a nimble, global healthcare ecosystem, imitating and improving on the Kaiser Permanente model.


Develop or acquiring disruptive innovations in healthcare focus areas such as medical technologies, services, insurance, and information systems. Efficiently and competitively meet current and future surgeon and patient needs.

Investment Thesis

Organically build, or acquire and grow, strategically-favored companies with operations that can be optimized to generate over 10 times the invested capital within 3-5 years. We target major acquisitions every three years to give us room to integrate within our portfolio. Through our growth, we attract highly intelligent and experienced talent and continuously raise capital to increase value and profitability through both long-term and nimble strategies.



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Founder, Managing Partner & CEO

Dr. Kingsley R. Chin comes from humble beginnings in Jamaica to be blessed with the best Ivy League education and training at Columbia University, Harvard Medical School and the University of Pennsylvania as an Orthopedic Spine Surgeon. He gained business experience at AT&T Bell Labs, Arthur Anderson Consulting (Goldman Sachs and Cigna Insurance assignments). He brings 30 years of unique experience in healthcare entrepreneurship and business operations including 13 years as Founder & CEO of Kingsley Investment Company (KIC) the parent company to KICVentures.  Review his CV here

Dr. Chin is the author of the following books:




Co-Founder, Managing Partner & CFO

Aditya Humad grew up in India and the Middle East. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania at the Wharton School of Business and the School of Engineering where he met Dr. Kingsley R. Chin in 2003. His business experience started with J.P.Morgan on Wall Street in New York as a healthcare investment analyst focusing on healthcare M&A, capital raise and restructuring transactions before joining KICVentures in 2009. He has closed multiple M&A deals for KICVentures, most recently AxioMed and NanoFUSE Biologics, and has raised over $30M in equity and debt capital. Review his CV here



key portfolio companies


Spinefrontier is an example of our imitate with patented improvements strategy. Founded in 2006, because Dr. Chin invented the Less Exposure Surgery (LESTM) Philosophy to improve on Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) techniques. Today, we have +25 FDA cleared products with +40 issued patents worldwide. The company is revenue generating since 2007 and profitable since 2011 with current distribution across the United States and South America. Learn more at



AxioMed is an example of our disruptive innovation strategy. We acquired AxioMed in 2014 from previous owners that had raised +$75M from nine venture capital firms with a Lumbar Disc near completion of the US IDE and a Cervical Disc with a completed European pre-clinical IDE. It is universally accepted that the AxioMed disc will disrupt the current fusion paradigm and immediately replace the current rudimentary ball and socket disc designs on the market. We have now completed the landmark US IDE for the Lumbar Disc with over 5 years of clinical follow-up. We have developed the protocol to start the US Cervical Disc IDE seeking FDA clearance for up to 3-levels and hybrid adjacent to fusion. We are leveraging our experience from the Lumbar IDE Study to complete this game changing Cervical IDE Study. In the meantime, we expect to release the Lumbar Disc in the US by 2020 and hope to achieve a lateral indication. We have set a target of combined global revenues of $250M per year by 2023. Learn more at



NanoFUSE® is an example of our disruptive innovation strategy. We acquired NanoFuse in 2018 because of its unique product line. It is based on a patented manufacturing process for bioactive glass. It is also the only company to have an FDA cleared combination of Synthetic Bioactive Glass and Organic Biologics (Demineralized Bone Matrix) that can be broadly used across all orthopedic and spine applications. Any competitor would need to develop a product and take it through the arduous IDE process to obtain US FDA clearance. The company is revenue generating with current distribution in the United States and select markets overseas. Learn more at



The LESS Institute is an example of our imitate with patented improvements strategy. In 2006, Dr. Chin conceived the LES® treatment philosophy and embarked on applying it to develop technologies as well as surgical techniques. In order to practice these techniques, he developed the LESS Institute in 2008 to treat patients with this LES philosophy with a plan to build a professional group and LES specialty treatment centers of excellence. Dr. Chin felt MIS was difficult to implement with disadvantages so the LES philosophy is an improvement. The LESS Institute also sees the opportunity to improve on hospitals by decreasing size and operating costs and developing specialty centers focused on neurosurgery, spine and orthopedics. The company is revenue generating and profitable and has begun its international expansion strategy. Learn more at