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Philanthropy and Recognitions

Philanthropy and Recognitions

Dr. Kingsley R. Chin's dedication to philanthropy is exemplified by his strategic initiatives and notable accolades.

Supporting Local Sports and Education in Jamaica

Dr. Kingsley R Chin stepped in to offer support to a failing St. George's Football Club (FC) in his hometown of Buff Bay, Portland, Jamaica.  He dedicated time to be a role model for young players of all ages and supported the team financially, including the purchase of a dedicated team bus and a driver, improved player dwelling and facilities.  Under his stewardship, he changed the name from St. George's FC to Portlanders FC.  The team's performance earned them a place in the Premiere League Tier II competition.  Dr. Chin has also supported his alma mater football team Titchfield High School, also in Portland and the Reggae Girlz Football Team on their journey to the 2019 Women's World Cup in France.  In the realm of education, Dr. Chin volunteers his time as an adjunct professor at the University of Technology, Kingston, Jamaica.  He provided financial support in building a science lab at a local Kingston school.  For many years, he has continued to offer financial support to the Girls Becoming charity organization offering free mentoring programs to adolescent girls in the underserved communities of Portland, Jamaica.  Dr. Chin is a regular supporter of American Friends of Jamaica Charity and Food For the Poor.

Advancing Healthcare and Technology

In 2008, he founded and actively leads the LESS Society 501(c)(3) organization that actively promotes the advancement of LESS Exposure Spine Surgery (LESS) techniques, research and education to improve outpatient spine surgery for patients globally.  He founded the Healthtech Ventures Network Conference (HTVNC) with the vision of bringing together bright and ambitious healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors to build relationships and engage in meaningful dialogue about the current state and future of the healthtech industry.

Dr. Kingsley R Chin (right) and his wife Vanessa Chin (left) with Grammy Award Reggae Artist Shaggy (middle)

Recognitions for Distinguished Service

David Oh, (Philadelphia City Councilman); Cherri Gregg (KYW News Radio); Blane Stoddart (President of YCPN); Derek Green, (City Councilman); Dr Kingsley Chin; Ronald McKay; Consul General Trudy Deans and Jean Wintz Dabne and Claudia Colon (YCPN).

Dr. Chin's distinguished service has been recognized through multiple honors:

  1. Commencement speaker as the first Black student government president of the senior class at Columbia University Engineering School in New York City in 1988. 

  2. Invited keynote speaker at the Seattle Science Foundation in 2016, a highly sought after honor in spine surgery. 

  3. Expert speaker on medical tourism at the 2017 Jamaica 55 Diaspora Conference in Kingston and is an active investor in Jamaica.

  4. Invited international guest speaker at the 2018 32nd Annual Meeting of the Korean Spinal Neurosurgery Society (KSNS) on AxioMed and the future of spine surgery.

  5. I was honored as the Young Caribbean Professional Network (YCPN) International Entrepreneur of the Year in Philadelphia at their national fundraising event in 2018. 

  6. Honored keynote speaker at the 2018 Jamaica China Friendship Association National Day Dinner

  7. Recipient of the 2019 Caribbean American Heritage (CARAH) Award for medicine at the African Museum of History in Washington, D.C., for his healthcare and community contributions. 

  8. Distinguished lecture at the Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship

  9. Selected speaker alongside Caribbean Prime Minister and leaders at an event by the Organization of American States hosted by the Jamaican Embassy in Washington D.C.

  10. Multiple other invited key note speeches to emphasize leadership and donated his book "Prove Yourself" to individuals.

  11. Voted Ivy League Player of the year in Division 1 collegiate soccer. 



Dr. Chin's unwavering dedication to impactful philanthropy and his array of recognitions highlight his influential role in Jamaica and on the global stage. His leadership and altruistic endeavors continue to effect positive change, serving as an inspiration across various sectors.

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