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Our investment approach at KIC Ventures is broadly influenced by long-term secular forces shaping the spine surgery market.

Our investment decisions are informed by a deep network of partners consisting of orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, pain management physicians, and distributors.

By staying uniquely engaged with those on the front lines of outpatient spine surgery we are able to acquire or invent differentiated technology solutions to execute continuous improvements to build the market, and discontinuous improvements to change the market.

Image by Oleksii Drozdov
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Percentage of Spinal Fusion Market expected to be substituted by disc replacement.

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403 Million

Patients globally with symptomatic spinal disc degeneration.

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Compound annual growth rate in the global disc replacement market.

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8 in 10

People in the U.S. that experience back pain.

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US Outpatient ambulatory surgery centers (and growing).

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$134 Billion+

US Health spending for lower back and neck pain.

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