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Clinical Outcomes With Midline Cortical Bone Trajectory Pedicle Screws Versus Traditional Pedicle Screws in Moving Lumbar Fusions From Hospitals to Outpatient Surgery Centers

Kingsley R Chin 1, Fabio J R Pencle, André V Coombs, Mohamed Elsharkawy, Corrine F Packer, Elijah A Hothem, Jason A Seale

We successfully transitioned our lumbar fusions from hospitals to OSCs using a midline CBT pedicle screw technique. Although traditional pedicle screw placement is effective and may be viable in an OSC, we see more advantages to use midline cortical screws over traditional pedicle screws.


Sagitech Studies


Patients who had lateral lumbar interbody fusion (LLIF) with the psoas splitting approach had statistically significant improvement in ODI scores compared to the standard approach. Fusion was achieved in all patients and there was no evidence of implant failure or subsidence. In the psoas splitting group the major complication rate was only 5%.


Misaligned Versus Straight Placement of Anterior Cervical Plates: A Clinical and Radiologic Outcomes Study

Kingsley R Chin 1, Fabio J R Pencle, Shannon D Francis, Chloe A Francis, Jason A Seale, Elijah A Hothem

Misaligned plates have increased torsional strength and are associated with better clinical outcomes compared with those of straight plates in the early postoperative period. After fusion, no significant difference in clinical outcomes between the groups was noted, which may reduce the concerns regarding misaligned plates.


Sentinel sign in standalone anterior cervical fusion: Outcomes and fusion rate

Kingsley R Chin , Fabio JR Pencle , Luai M Mustafa, Moawiah M Mustafa, Amala Benny, Jason A Seale

We conclude that Standalone ACDF can be safely done in an ambulatory surgery center with satisfactory clinical and patient-reported outcomes.

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