About Us

KIC Ventures creates, incubates, commercializes, and acquires inventions that serve the global spine surgery market.
KIC Ventures was founded by Kingsley R. Chin and Aditya Humad as an investment holding company specialized in enabling the innovation ecosystem surrounding outpatient spine surgery.  Since its inception, KIC has grown to become an industry leader in the advancement of healthcare technologies.
A Culture of Collaboration and Flexibility
The KIC investment model benefits from deep collaboration between our investment team and our world-class network of practicing physicians.  We benefit from this diverse resource of perspectives and remain flexible in our approach to generating long term capital appreciation in our portfolio.
Sector Expertise
Specialization is at the heart of KIC Ventures and our deep domain knowledge has led to a track record of investment success.  The unique lens through which we view the spinal surgery market allows us to see opportunities where others see obstacles.
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