KICVentures Headquarters Lobby

Who is KICVentures?

KICVentures manages several portfolio companies, investing in next-generation technology in the health-tech and health-services sector.

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KICVentures: Revolutionizing Healthcare Technology

What’s in a Name?

The name KICVentures is integral to our mission. Learn why.

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The Intelligent Ecosystem of KICVentures

An Intelligent Ecosystem

KICVentures has an intelligent ecosystem of companies that are dynamically connected and supported.

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Dr. Kingsley R. Chin, M.D., Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, KICVentures

Kingsley R. Chin

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, KICVentures

Dr. Chin is a proven CEO, entrepreneur, investor, surgeon, educator, inventor & philanthropist. He founded KICventures Investment Holding Company in 2005…

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The KICVentures Investment Approach

Our Investment Approach

We invest in healthcare solutions –organically growing companies and acquiring complimentary disruptive technologies. Read more about our investment approach.

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KICVentures Acquires AxioMed, a Total Disc Replacement (TDR) Company

Kick Starting AxioMed

KICVentures recently acquired the incredible opportunity that is AxioMed. Learn about our investment in next-generation total disc replacement technologies.

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